Dr Orlin Filipov MD PhD

Dr Orlin Filipov is the senior surgeon and founder of Vitosha Orthopaedic Hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria. He has 18 years experience in orthopaedics, and has worked around the world as a specialist in total hip and knee replacement, using pioneering bloodless techniques.

In recent years, he and his team at Vitosha Hospital have developed a new surgical technique for bloodless replacement of the hip joint. This is a highly effective and safe Total Hip Replacement method, that avoids blood transfusions and the risks associated with them, and helps patients recover quickly.

He is also an international authority on the treatment of femoral neck fractures, and has developed the BDSF method – a new technique he explains in his latest publication, the orthopaedic surgical manual “Surgical Treatment of Femoral Neck Fractures”, published by Nova Science Publishers in the United States. This technique has already been adopted internationally in the USA, India, Egypt, Switzerland and Norway.

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